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We are a major independent industrial automation consultant and systems integrator. We specialise in advanced robotics technologies and smart automation to deliver intelligent and connected automated solutions.

With a deep knowledge of machines, digitalisation and engineering, we provide bespoke robotic automation for turnkey projects alongside standardised ‘off-the-shelf’ automation for common processes. Our engineering skill and expert practical knowledge combined with our project management ability and multi-industry experience is what sets us apart from others.

The Robotics & Automation Journey

Navigating the path towards greater rewards

Whether you seek step change improvements, a major overhaul or a complete rebuild from the ground up, we are ready to join you at any stage of your automation journey. For one-step or every step and beyond.


From integrating an independent robotic work cell that automates a specific task to developing a complete turnkey system solution that consolidates multiple processes, we adopt the following approach.


Co-creating an intelligent strategy

A crucial first step for getting it right

We identify all possible opportunities and challenges, while assessing the risks.


After taking the time to get to know you, to understand your business objectives and establish your automation goals, we carry out a deep and thorough audit of every aspect of your facility.


We look at your capabilities and limitations, we gather real world data and we consider the intangible factors.


Helping you make educated decisions

Data to gauge the feasibility of different paths

We pinpoint and prioritise the processes that best justify investment.


Firstly, we analyse and evaluate all of the data from which we draw our conclusions. We then publish the findings in a comprehensive and authoritative report detailing our recommendations, the implications, projections and benefits.


Additional modelling and simulation services can fast-track this process whilst digital twins can deliver even greater accuracy.



Setting out the roadmap

Visualises what the future will look like

We define the plan for delivering your automation vision setting out the milestones and deliverables. 


We present you with solutions comprising technologies, robots and subsystems that best serve your needs since being independent and unbiased gives us the freedom to use myriad vendors and brands.


Digital and physical proofs of concepts can provide an accurate picture of what lies ahead.


Bringing your solution to life

Validated by humans


 Our multi-disciplined engineering team use the right technologies, the right tools and the right processes to refine your solution, verify functionality and accelerate progress.


This approach designs out the risks by pairing intelligent thinking with the virtual and the physical to accurately predict performance, prevent failure and eliminate ambiguity.


Pressing the button

A seamless transition from concept to reality

We apply technical skill, practical knowledge and project management efficiency to deliver a solution that is befittingly scalable, flexible, interoperable and fit for the future. 


An intensive testing program is undertaken to ensure operational success before certifying and handing it over.


 The vision is realised and the time for reaping the rewards starts now.

The journey doesn’t end when the project ends…

As your trusted advisor, we’ll be by your side working in cadence to unlock potential for greater accomplishment.

We will help you continually evolve to maintain a competitive advantage by showing you where there is scope for improving performance levels from current standards.

Case Studies

“The Food Factory”

“The Sandwich Factory”

“The Toothpaste Factory”

“The Cooked Meats Factory”