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Who we are​

We are an independent industrial automation consultantcy and systems integrator specialising in advanced robotics technologies and smart automation

With a deep knowledge of machines, digitalisation and engineering spanning decades, we design, build, install and service intelligent and connected automated solutions.


Our broad-spectrum engineering skill and expert practical knowledge combined with outstanding project management ability and extensive multi-industry experience is what sets us apart from other systems integrators.


We are based in Peasedown St John, five miles southwest of the city of Bath, Somerset in England close to the Mendip Hills.

What we do​

We help industries transform, perform and thrive

We help our customers achieve specific industrial automation goals that they cannot attain alone by:


· closing the gap between strategy and implementation;

· making the technical investment;

· solving their problems;

· innovating their processes; 

· and de-risking their automation projects.


Our ambition is to sustain success by engineering scalable, flexible and interoperable solutions that are fit for the future.

Who we do it for​

Big or small, high-tech or not, if the desire is to advance by leveraging robotics, automation and digitalisation, we are willing to work with any organisation in any sector


We have delivered small-scale and simple projects alongside the larger, more complex transformational projects for customers in the following fields:



· Food and beverage

· Pharmaceutical


· Cosmetics and personal care


Aerospace, defence and maritime

Warehousing and logistics

Civil aviation

Automotive and OEM

Education, Researchers,
Inventors & Innovators

We work closely with some of the UK’s top STEM universities and Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs) in both a commercial and R&D capacity.

Our collaborations have resulted in the development of several unique solutions for uncommon challenges, while strengthening the bond between academia and industry.

Automation Consultants

Over the years we have built solid long-lasting relationships with automation consultants and intermediary project managers appointed by the end customer to manage the delivery of their automation vision.


There are very few automation and system integration partners who are truly equipped to help industry deploy optimal solutions.


From identifying where and how digitalisation can benefit the end customer to installing and servicing equipment and devices, we are skilled in all dimensions of automation, which is why we are an automatic consideration for many consultants.

What guides us​

Our interactions with all of our stakeholders be they customers, suppliers, colleagues or investors shapes the way we conduct our business. We are committed to nurturing a positive culture that infiltrates every aspect of our activities and have adopted a set of principles to guide us.


Our approach to guiding the robotics and automation journey is guided by the following:

To see and hold the bigger picture is to…

…sustain success long into the future by adopting holistic, panoptic and cohesive strategies in favour of those that are siloed, myopic and ill-fitting.

To redefine innovation is to…

…turn ideas into assets through intelligent thinking and human validation by solving known and unknown problems, and by overcoming seen and unforeseen challenges.

To simplify the complex is to…

…master the art of lucidity in solving the most difficult of conundrums by starting small and simple, by looking with fresh perspectives and by evaluating over and over.

To transform the future for the greater good is to…

…achieve a greater collective wisdom by inspiring everyone we interact with, by turning aspirations into actions, by getting it right and by doing the right thing.

To achieve success together is to…

…unlock potential for greater accomplishment by sharing a joint vision, by listening to one another and by working in cadence for mutual gain through collaborative partnership, healthy debate and serious commitment.