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The Palletiser​

Mobile end-of-line robotic palletising cell

A compact fully automated work cell designed to reduce reliance on manual labour for the repetitive handling of boxes on different lines. Self-contained with open access for pallet entry, it occupies an area of just 4.2 sq. m. The standard design can be customised to suit specific requirements for example jar, can or bottle case palletising.


The adjustable infeed height of the buffer conveyor system facilitates easy integration with existing equipment, minimising setup time. The vacuum operated robot end-of-arm-tool can handle different types of boxes, including those that are shrink-wrapped or have a perforated rip-top.


The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is so easy to use that pallet layer patterns and / or variations in the number of boxes per layer can be configured by practically anyone.


Our service includes delivery to site, assembly, installation, commissioning, certification, training and O&M manual compilation.


Portable, easily manoeuvrable with no need for a forklift

Compact, fits through standard sized double doors

Small footprint at 4.2 sq.m (2 x 2.2m)

No specialist robot training required

No programming skills required

Password protected operator-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI)

Pallet layer pattern, carton sizes and volume easily re-configured via GUI

Straightforward setup

Adjustable infeed height

Operates on single phase power

Failsafe robot and vertical axis in the event of a power cut

No end-of-arm-tool changeover for box variations

Palletiser Frame Design


Productivity rate

Throughput rate


Case load (Max.)

Case dimensions (w x d x h)


Cell height (Max.)

Pallet stack height (Max.)

Pallet size (Max.)


  End effector

Z slide

Interface options

Compressed air


Control circuit

≤ 6 cycles/min

Single picks at 6 cases/min

Double picks at 12 cases/min


Min. 100 x 100 x 100mm

Max. 450 x 250 x 250mm



1.2 x 1m


200 x 120mm foam covered vacuum head with check valves

Precision linear slide


6 bar (min.) with 6mm pipe connection

Single phase 16A 230V AC 50Hz

24 VDC

Jump start your end-of-line automation today.