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Integrated Solutions

Systems Integration

Stitching different automation-enabling technology streams together for a seamless transition from concept to reality

We are automation systems integration (SI) specialists. We procure and combine the myriad technologies, robots and component subsystems, and where applicable, ensure compatibility with legacy systems to deliver a fully-functional and cohesive automated ecosystem.


With all of the right tools, methodologies and mechanisms, we take care of every step of the implementation process: planning, procuring, coordinating, scheduling, testing, FATs, SATs, certifying, improving and maintaining.


We use industry leading computer-aided design (CAD) software program, Solidworks, as standard. In addition to being able to visualise a solution, it allows us to develop sophisticated simulations and 3D models at speed with ease, providing added value to our customers and suppliers alike. If you do not use Solidworks as your core platform, we will adapt to work with you for instance, we will use common file formats such as .dwg .stp .dxf etc.


We also use Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. This greatly lowers the risk of projects and optimises system design by accurately predicting performance early on in the design stage. Such analysis can include a rigorous investigation of a system’s performance under numerous ‘what if’ scenarios, to provide assurance of its resilience and robustness.


We deliver industrial automation projects day in, day out. As a result, we know how to help companies cut costs, undergo transformation and gain or maintain a competitive advantage.

Other services

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