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ORMi, by Active8 Robots, comprises three mobile robot platforms each in either 24V or 48V. The ORMi family has been specially designed to take the hard work out of AGV, AMR and AIV development, so you can go from build-to-bot fast.

The time-consuming tasks normally associated with sourcing components, determining compatibility, configuring hardware and programming software has been taken care of by us, for you.

Mobile robot design has never been made easier!

Ready-to-assemble component kit

A comprehensive and fully compatible range of the fundamental components required to build your mobile robot from scratch. All parts are selected, tried and tested by our engineers for performance and reliability.

Pre-assembled & pre-wired component kit

A part-built unit comprising ORMi KIT with additional mechanical and electrical components all pre-wired and mounted onto a stainless steel baseplate by our engineers, all set for you to continue the build and integrate with your own chassis.

Built & configured functioning unit

A mobile unit comprising ORMi WIRED fixed to a robust aluminium chassis with servo motors, mounting brackets, batteries and wheels with options for all payloads up to 2000kg. A ready-to-GO platform primed by our engineers.


CE Marked engineered system & accompanying training program

Need a complete solution? For more demanding or complex projects we can design, build and configure a complete system to match your exacting specification. We will also deliver a comprehensive training program covering all aspects of safety, operation and maintenance.

Product Brochure

The ORMi family is a flagship innovation for AMR, AGV and AIV development. Here are just a few reasons why you should go ORMi.

Low Cost


Save tens of thousands of pounds on a mobile robot with a low capital outlay compared to buying an off-the-shelf product.

Time Saving


Gain weeks or months to spend on the development work that really matters instead of wasting valuable time on mundane tasks.



Adapt your ORMi to meet the specific needs of your application and to overcome any unexpected challenges.

Low Risk


Build up your mobile robotics R&D knowledge and expertise, economically, in a market where experience is in short supply.



Build-a-bot with tried and tested industry proven parts that you know are going to work together seamlessly.

Easy Tech


Simplify the complex with just one controller, which can be operated from practically anything - PLC, joystick and radio controls, push buttons etc.



Choose which stage of the development process is best for you to start from with three options from the ORMi family.

Easy To Integrate


Ease the coding process with a powerful setup and monitoring PC utility, sample scripts, APIs, ROS drivers and simulator.

Peace Of Mind


Benefit from our free technical advisory service where help is always on hand to keep your project on track and in budget.

Product Brochure

ORMi is commonly used for industry 4.0 initiatives and lean transformation. For example, a tugger for the high-volume repetitive movement of goods or a reach truck for lifting or lowering heavy loads in confined spaces.

ORMi can also be used in specialist applications such as a danger detection tool in zones with no existing guiding infrastructure or as a moving platform for laser scanning. ORMi can be developed into any number of permutations and can handle both light-duty and heavy-duty tasks.

  • AIV (Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle)
  • AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)
  • AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot)
  • UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle)
  • Unmanned combat robot
  • Automated pallet truck
  • Automated reach truck
  • Automated stacker
ORMI Table

Performance data comparison

What else will ORMi Need

Additional items that you might need to complete your project will vary according to the performance criteria of the intended application. For example, a UVC disinfection unit will require a lamp whereas a bomb defusing unmanned ground vehicle may require haptic feedback functionality. Some of the more basic factors to consider when designing your mobile robot include the following.


Battery type, size and capacity will differ according to your ORMi’s appetite for power and whether it will be fully charged overnight or micro-charged in between jobs. Consideration should also be given to the docking station network if there is a need to have more than one.


If your ORMi’s development path is the AGV route, it might need tape for magnetic navigation or reflectors for laser guided navigation. If it is the AMR route, then cameras, laser scanners and software all might be on the to-buy list. All variations will require sensors.


Our engineers can design and build a custom chassis if required. Moving small parts from one workstation to the next may only need a lightweight construction yet handling volatile substances in a hostile environment will need something more robust.  


Whatever your mobile robot form (AGV, AMR, AIV, UGV etc), it will need an appropriate system that meets the relevant standards and complies with any applicable regulatory requirements. This may comprise both active safety elements e.g. pressure sensors, and passive devices e.g. audible alarms.


The ORMi family comes with software comprising PC utilities, simulators, tools, APIs and drivers that allows you to customise functionality using basic language scripts. For more complex applications, or if you want a more user-friendly interface, you may consider alternative software architecture.

Special Parts

The ORMi family has been designed such that it provides a standard development platform, not a finished mobile robot. This gives the designer the freedom and flexibility to design and build a specialised AMR, AGV or AIV, which may require non-standard parts for example, bespoke robotic arm tooling.

Amr Robots

Our online retail partner, Active Robots Ltd, stocks a wide range of additional parts

Need more help?

Whatever you might need, we are here to help you. Our retail partner, Active Robots (Retail) Ltd, holds stock of a vast range of approved robot parts that will enable you to develop or modify your ORMi to be more intelligent, agile or adaptable. With super short lead times they can get you what you need quickly and reliably. 

We can design and produce bespoke end of arm tooling/effectors to meet your exacting needs. Furthermore, we offer a free technical advisory service as standard. From specifying safety systems to troubleshooting errors, get in touch at any stage of your build journey.

Need a bespoke solution?

We can scope, design, develop and implement a complete mobile robot system aligned with your needs, objectives, and capability. We can make it flexible, scalable, interoperable and Industry 4.0 ready so that it continues to serve you well into the future.

We have co-created successful robotics, automation and systems integration strategies with our customers that have helped them minimise their vulnerabilities, build resilient businesses and given them a competitive edge. We can help you transform, perform and thrive too. Get in touch!

ORMi Technical Specifications

Motor Frame Size

Motor Dimensions  (W x H x L mm)

 Max robot weight (kg)


 Max Motor Speed (RPM)

 Gear Ratio

 Wheel diameter (mm)

 Max Robot Speed (m/s)

Voltage (Vdc)

Nominal Amps (Arms)

 Max Amps (Arms)

 Torque at Motor (Nm)

 Torque at Wheel (Nm)

 Motor Shaft Encoder (PPR)

 Number of Pole Pairs

 Assembly Weight (kg)


91x91x160.8  0r 500 x 1000 x 160.8

0-600 or 0-1200














Motor Controller

Controller Communication Options                 

Controller Cooling


BMS Comms

BMS Cooling


Charging solution

Contact method

Charging Voltage

Charge Base dims

Charge Base Max Current

Charge Base Cont Current

Charge Base Contact Pressure

Charge Base align tolerance

Charge Base Hall Sensor voltage

Brushless DC Motor Controller, STO, Dual Channel, 2 x 60A, 60V

USB, Ethernet, CAN, Trapezoidal/Sinusoidal, FOC, 14 Dig/Ana IO, Resolver/SSI

Conduction plate

40v, Max load 100A, Charge 50A,

RS484, USB, CANbus, Bluetooth, PWM, Output 2 Input 1

Conduction plate

Stainless steel

Drive on ultra-low profile charge pads

Extending collector with hall sensor

1 to200v

140mm x 90mm x 10mm




+/- 5mm

4.5 to 24V

Start building your mobile robot today