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Plant & Process Simulation

Modelling the real-world in the digital space to accurately forecast how the future will look

We have the facility to digitally represent the performance of the proposed system by taking real-world data as inputs to produce outputs, which are accurate simulations of how the automated process will be affected. It is essentially a precise proof concept (PoC), albeit a digital one, that helps design out the risks from a project whilst accelerating progress and minimising problems at start-up.


The digital twin concept enables us to: see how the future system will operate; track any design changes; predict performance; identify efficiencies, benefits and potential failures; and anticipate maintenance requirements.


For smart manufacturing projects, we have invested in Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, a powerful tool for production throughput analysis and optimisation. It allows us to vastly improve manufacturing system performance as we are able to model, simulate, explore and optimise logistics systems and their processes. With these models we can analyse material flow, resource use and logistics well in advance of going live with production. We do it for all levels of manufacturing planning whether it be global food processing facilities, local pharmaceutical plants or specific lines.


We offer our digital manufacturing planning simulation service on both a standalone and integrated basis. If you are looking to move away from the antiquated, siloed and inefficient traditional factory towards the agile, flexible and inter-connected smart factory, Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is an essential enabling tool.

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