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Using Collaborative Robots for Low Cost Automation

Smart, Collaborative Robots Providing Low Cost Automation to SME’s Around the World

Automation has been around for many years but typically has been restricted to large multi-national companies with deep pockets and large manufacturing facilities around the world. SME’s have been left with few options with most choosing to offshore and get part, or all of their manufacturing in lower labour cost countries such as China and Korea.

However, there is now a viable option for SME’s to enable them to automate their business, take back control of their manufacturing and supply chain whilst reducing operating costs, all with a typical ROI of 12 months or less with a smart, collaborative robot! 

We’ve collated a range of case studies detailing how a variety of manufacturers have made use of low cost automation using robots.

Typical reasons for automation are to:

  • increase output
  • maximise efficiency
  • increase flexibility
  • reduce overheads 
  • have more dynamic manufacturing
  • gain a technological advantage over competitors
  • enable re-deployment of staff to higher value tasks


Standby Screw Machine Products Co

Leveraging Baxter in two separate applications to increase flexibility and consistency in manufacturing operations and to better compete on a global stage. They have saved over 2000 machine tending man hours which has been better utilised in higher skilled employment.

Flambeau Inc.

Flambeau is being used in a packaging application to enable workers to be re-deployed to higher value-added tasks within the business. The total automation solution had an ROI of 10 months, including associated machinery and integration.

Praxis Packaging

Praxis are utilising Baxter’s flexibility, rapid re-deployment and ease of programming to package products within their manufacturing operating. Baxter is deployed alongside human co-workers to increase efficiency and flexibility to respond to the demands of their business.

The Rodon Group

Rodon are using Baxter for flexible packing applications alongside humans co-workers. They are utilising Baxter’s rapid re-deployment time and ease of programming to empower their workforce to be more productive in a safe working environment.

Vanguard Plastics

Vanguard is using Baxter to take medicine cups off a conveyor, feed them into a bagging machine and then move the bagged cups to the next location. In only six weeks working on this application Baxter has bagged over 800,000 cups!

King Innovation

Baxter is placing tubes into a machine in preparation for silicon filling – helping King Innovation run production over 3 shifts and keep up with the demand during peak periods. Baxter has also enabled King to re-deploy staff within higher value tasks and reduce their reliance on temporary and agency workers helping them reduce manufacturing costs.

Keter Plastics

Keter are using Baxter to increase productivity and flexibility for lower volume production lines which are changed several times a week. Baxter has enable Keter to work more flexibly and become more dynamic in their manufacturing operations.


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