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Skyline Robotics

What’s the one job everyone hates doing but has to do? Cleaning. And out of the thousands of tasks that come under the cleaning umbrella, it’s window cleaning that can be the most awkward, and even dangerous. So, if robots were made for anything, surely it was to make our life easier and safer.

Its crazy to think that in this day and age people still strap themselves into metal scaffolds and put their lives in the hands of a system of ropes and harnesses. If window cleaning 30-story high buildings isn’t the perfect job for a robot then what is? Skyline Robotics have created the solution, Ozmo. A robot for real estate maintenance at heights utilising computer vision and machine learning to adapt to the complex geometry of skyscrapers, to create the most effective cleaning pattern.

Although some will say that this is another way that robots are taking human’s jobs, Skyline Robots says that they came up with this idea because they believe that “humans are more than robots”. It’s a dangerous job with unnecessary risk, so why not get a robot to do it instead. Now, instead of needing 3 cleaners risking their lives, the robot just needs one controller on the ground to clean a building. Ozmo has been designed to clean any building without changing or adding any infrastructure. On top of this Ozmo only uses a distilled water and so doesn’t cost the building owners any extra in purchasing equipment.

To us at Active8 Robots, the whole point of having this technology available is that we can decrease the risk to humans in the workplace, and this is a perfect example of that. Why risk a human life when a robot can do the job for you? Skyline Robotics says they “aim to automate all tasks that are dangerous, dirty, and dull”. The company also state that once the company starts generating revenue, it will put in place a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program to pay for the first two years of basic engineering training on the Ozmo system of any window washer they are displacing.

If you have any dangerous tasks in your manufacturing line, or jobs that are mundane and boring, why not contact us to see if they could be automated instead?