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‘Robo cart’ leads shoppers to items while practising social distancing

With the recent crisis around the world everyone needs help to maintain the new ‘normal’, but can robots be a way into this new world?

The elderly are being seen as more and more vulnerable as this pandemic makes its way across the world, so this new robot invented by engineers in Hong Kong could be a new way to keep them safe but also give them the freedom that they deserve. This ‘robotic shopping cart’ will help the elderly with their weekly shop by assisting them to find items and will also allow their family to make sure that they are safe as they do so.

The communication devises on the robot allows the shopper to talk to family and friends as they walk around, this will help them avoid confined, crowded spaces and also reduce their contact with others which will make them less vulnerable to the corona-virus pandemic.

As the person walks around the shops, they tell the cart what they need and then the cart will direct them to it, this can help reduce their contact with shop workers and keep them safe from risks.