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Problem Solving with Collaborative Robots

Robotic Solutions from Active8 Robots

What are smart, collaborative robots?

Smart, collaborative robots are autonomous robots which can work safely alongside human co-workers and have to be tested to meet ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2 standards, they are sometimes known as CoBots. These standards ensure that the robots are safe to work alongside humans and so don’t require safety cages which make them far more flexible to work with, and also easier and cheaper to implement.

Typical misconceptions about collaborative robots

Many people have been led to believe that robots are going to take their job and that by implementing robots within a workforce will cause job losses and/ or lack of new job creation, however this is not the case. In fact, the introduction of collaborative robots is causing the opposite to happen. Offshoring is becoming far more costly for businesses and so they are now looking at reshoring through low-cost robotic solutions to return manufacturing back to domestic markets. Visit to calculate your cost of offshoring and the savings your company could make through reshoring.

How can Active8 Robots help?

Firstly, we help companies by solving problems with collaborative manufacturing robots. Many manufacturers come to us looking for help with a specific problem, whether to increase efficiency, reduce costs or simply to increase productivity we can help by providing a low cost robotic solution. We work closely with manufacturers, from start to finish with their project, and make sure we cater not only for the needs of the business, but also for the end user of our robotic solution. Our robotic solutions are tailored to each individual business and we provide the highest level of support to businesses.

Do you have a Robotic Manufacturing Solution for your business?

Many businesses think their operation is perfectly efficient, but what do their staff think? Are they tired of performing the same monotonous task 9 hours a day, does this sometimes lead to production quality issues or staff retention problems? Collaborative robots are the perfect solution meaning that employees can be re-deployed within the business so that their skills are better utilised, they can even learn to train the robot further adding to their skill set.

Below is an example of a problem which we are currently working on. The client has asked us to automate a process to increase efficiency and to allow the re-deployment of staff within the business and this is our initial proof of concept video. We are now working with the client to integrate this robotic solution within their existing production line.

If you are looking for a low cost robotic solution for problem solving within your business get in touch with us on 01761 234376 or by [email protected] and we can discuss your requirements in more detail. We also provide non-collaborative solutions through utilising ABB robotic platforms.