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One solution doesn’t fit all, but it does fit many.

Active8 Robots is extremely aware that every manufacturing line is different, and one standard solution cannot be made to increase productivity in every line. However, it can be said that many manufacturing lines have similar problems where productivity can be increased. Because of this, Active8 Robots has developed some Off-The-Shelf solutions that can help many different factories.

We have created the Attollo Series Palletiser, The Box Erector, and The Tray Erector. Each one fixes a common problem in manufacturing lines, and can be slightly modified for each order, to work within the desired line.

The Attollo Series Palletiser

The Attollo Series Palletiser is a compact and reliable automated palletiser. Attollo’s easy to program software and mobility mean it offers speed and flexibility when setting up a production line making it ideal for long or short production runs. The Attollo reduces labour costs and lowers health and safety risks associated with manual handling. It is safe to use being fully guarded, with pallet entry and box in-feed light guarded for ease of access. Its easy to program software enables users to manage complex pallet layers that can be easily configured without specialist programming knowledge. This means it can be easily programmed each time the size of box being palletised changes.

The Box Erector

The Box Erector directly addresses a need of many manufacturing lines, its benefits are clear and it is an excellent product for the packaging industry. With a small footprint, low cost, and fast payback the Box Erector can fulfil the needs of many different packaging lines. On top of this it is not designed for one specific box, but instead can erect boxes of many different sizes, offering agile automation which will enable manufacturers to continue using the product when their line changes in the future. 

The Tray Erector

Active8 Robots’ Tray Erector is a dual tool robot automated solution, tooled to fit a single tray size. It incorporates a smart collaborative robot which allows for uncaged operation around personnel. The tray size that the application is programmed to fit can be changed upon implementation, making it flexible to more than one specific manufacturing line.

Active8 Robots has developed these solutions with manufacturers in mind, especially those in the packaging industry. We have witnessed these problems first-hand in many different factories and believe that with the agile nature of our solutions they could be implemented in many different businesses with varying boxes, trays and products.

Be sure to contact us now to find out how any of these products could benefit your business!