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Just got the hang of Industry 4.0? Well, look out for Industry 5.0!

Just as we all started embracing Industry 4.0 now the new buzz word is Industry 5.0, which focuses on the interaction between humans and machines, something we’re already seeing with collaborative robots and the smart technologies that we’ve all come to recognise. While many people are concerned that the integration of Industry 4.0 will spell the end of many jobs in manufacturing, Industry 5.0 seems to be pushing towards more advanced human-automation collaboration, which would see improved integration allowing automated product lines combined with the power of human intelligence. So in reality, robots aren’t likely to be taking over your factories and stealing your jobs anytime soon, instead giving more of an emphasis on collaborative working.

Many integrators are starting to shout about Industry 5.0 and how it can improve productivity without removing jobs completely or leaving the entire workplace to be run by robots, instead creating roles, like technicians and engineers to help keep the automotive aspect moving.

While Industry 4.0 is still the forefront of cutting edge manufacturing, we should always be looking to the future and moving forwards, finding new innovative ways to getting maximum efficiency.

How will Industry 5.0 affect your workplace? Are you willing to embrace those changes?