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European space agency invites applications for funding

Esa Funding

ESA are inviting applications for funding for kick start funding and technical support to companies looking to develop space related Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology.  Active Robots supports and supplies several customers developing space based products.  

This is an opportunity for
funding and support to develop commercially viable IA products that use space
based technology, why not see if ERSA can help you out?

On offer

Zero Equity funding

Tailored project management support

Access to network and partners

Use of ESA branding and credibility and supplies

The AI Revolution and the Impact of Space Technologies 

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more prevalent in all areas of modern life. From manufacturing to healthcare, intelligent machines are streamlining processes, improving efficiency and lowering costs for businesses in the long term. But what has space technology got to do with AI? And how are these new technologies transforming wide-ranging sectors for the better? Here, we explore the sectors benefiting from these new technologies and discuss how the implementation of space enabled technologies could transform AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Firstly, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to computers or computer-controlled robots which are built to perform tasks previously performed solely by humans.

AI is currently being used in wide-ranging sectors across the UK;


AI has the potential to collect and analyse large amounts of
data to help understand customer behaviour and predict future sales.

Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics

Manufacturing centres are adopting AI technologies to improve
efficiency and safety by automating dangerous tasks.

Electric Utilities

Analysis of satellite data can help predict weather
patterns, helping to match renewable energy supply with demand. The forecast of
congestion, network losses, and the possible need for reserve power can all be
improved by AI.

What is Space Enabled Technology?

Space data encompasses all of the technologies that use
satellite data. This includes satellite navigation, communication and Earth
Observation. Let’s take a closer look;

Earth Observation (EO)

Imagery obtained from Earth Observation satellites can
provide data on everything from weather patterns to urban traffic. For example,
satellites detecting unusual weather patterns can help to provide predictions and
a detailed picture of large-scale environmental issues for conservation

Satellite Communications (Satcom)

In addition to imagery, satellites can help communicate
large amounts of data between remote locations. This includes Internet of
Things (IoT) technologies which connect machines through networks of sensors.
This type of technology can be used to monitor equipment in manufacturing and
improve maintenance operations.


Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)

The benefit of GNNS is that it can provide precise location
tracking of goods and people. This is particularly useful for the logistics
industry and for route optimization used in AI applications.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Although not technically a space-enabled technology,
satcom-supported VR and AR can complement AI applications. For example, allowing
humans to perform tasks remotely through VR/AR goggles.

The ESA-BA Artificial Intelligence Kickstarter Campaign

ESA-BA are currently looking for new applications and
services that combine one of these space enabled technologies with artificial
intelligence for their AI Kickstarter.

They are looking for sustainable products and services
within the areas of consumer goods and industrial services, social impact,
infrastructure and the environment and natural resources.

Companies wishing to apply will need to complete an online questionnaire, followed by
a written proposal. Any businesses operating from outside Ireland, Norway,
Germany and the UK may need a letter of approval from their national delegation
to apply, so make sure you check first.

Who is ESA?

The European Space Agency (ESA) is an international
organisation, delivering European space programmes for educational benefit. ESA
is dedicated to bolstering investment in space research and satellite
technologies and services.

ESA-BA offer funding, project management support and access
to their network to any business striving to make use of space enabled
technologies for new commercial services.

To discover some of the projects they’ve supported, visit the ESA-BA portfolio page here.