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Cobot of the Month- UR e-Series

The new e-Series is the newest range of cobot from Universal Robots. This new series is intended to enable faster development for a wider variety of applications than the standard line. A UR spokesperson has said the new e-Series is the equivalent of “upgrading from the old iPhone to the New iPhone”. Universal Robots excels at designing automated solutions that bring maximum safety, ROI, and potential to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The UR e-Series was released this summer and began shipping to customers from August, yet the older cobot arms are still being sold alongside them, as each has different sets of benefits. With a similar look on the outside to the older models, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the same series of robots, but its what’s inside the new UR e-Series that counts.

The e-Series has greater precision and sensitivity provided by a built-in tool-centric force/torque sensor. It also has better pose repeatability and significantly quieter operation. Another goal of this series is to provide an improved user experience, with a redesigned control panel and new programming and software to make deployment and programming easier, regardless of application.

In the UR3 alone the repeatability has improved from +/-0.1 to +/-0.03, which is a huge improvement and is now even more suitable for precise finishing, assembly, and electronic tasks, which is exactly what a robot of this size should be doing. On top of this, the engineers putting the UR3es to work will be happy, as the noise level of the cobot has been reduced from 70dB to 60dB.

Active8 Robots has the capabilities to integrate the UR e-series into your factory.

New features-

Pendant; The new Universal Robot Pendant has streamlined the user interface layout so there are less clicks to reach common commands. This provides simpler programming, easier navigation, and higher resolution HMI with Capacitive touchscreen. There are also new languages available and all software has been updated on common .urp method.

Axis 6; There are new serial comms available for the user to Axis 6 (no cable for RS-485 type grippers). The E-series also offers faster polling rates on joints and overall better control sue to the 500Hz system bus up the arm- up from 125Hz on CB3 controller. Also, 2Amps of peak current on User digital outputs.

This Axis also includes a Force Torque sensor that provides the ability for out of the box sanding / polishing / assembly type force feedback controls. Additionally, the software wizard on-board robot provides automatic payload estimation.

Main Control board; The new main control board provides 20 digital in and 16 digital out.

Two new Programmable Safety functions; To provide an even safer experience there are new programmable safety functions that help provide better Stopping time and distance. Furthermore, the safety rated elbow monitoring provides force and angle.