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Cobot of the Month- Panda

Panda is the cobot for everyone. It is sensitive, interconnected, adaptive and cost-effective.

The Panda almost seems too good to be true; a robot that is delivered in one box, is straightforward to set up, and easy to program. But just because it can be set up as easily as one, Panda is definitely not a toy. Franka Emika’s Panda is so precise that it can actually help assemble and build other Panda robots. This cobot can not only work safely alongside people but is also surprisingly dexterous; it can open and close bags, and even use cable ties. Franka could even learn to paint, DJ or play a board game. 

Strictly speaking, Panda is a robot assistant, as its speciality is working alongside humans. It is very sensitive to touch, can be guided with one hand, and avoids collisions. Panda consists of the Arm and Control, the Pilot and the Hand with exchangeable Fingers, and a full software framework ranging from low-level mechatronics control to the highly intuitive app-based programming environment “Desk”.

Desk is an intuitive interface that can run on all web browsers and does not require software installation. In Desk you can easily program a task for Panda to complete, by arranging available Apps, and configuring them via the Pilot or your input device. Then, simply press “Run” and Panda carries out the task for you.

The Panda boasts torque sensors in all seven of its joints which gives “human like arm agility and sensitivity.” It also has an 80cm reach with a 3kg payload, and 0.1 mm accuracy. While there are other cobots on the market with similar specs to this, it is the unique combination of simple app-based programming and the ability to carry out challenging tasks that makes the Panda a real competitor in the cobot market.

To find out more about the Panda click here or to purchase one follow this link to our sister website.