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Cobot of the Month- FANUC CR35iA

Fanuc’s new CR35iA is the world’s only collaborative robot with a 35kg payload, making it the world’s strongest cobot.

The Strongest Cobot on the Market

The ability to lift up to 35kg, combined with reach of 1813mm, means the CR35 is ideally suited to a whole range of manual processes that other cobots are not capable of completing. It is also ideal for those heavy lifting tasks that can cause repetitive strain and other work-related injuries.

Can Work Alongside You

If you want to combine the strength, precision and repeatability of a robot with human know-how and manual dexterity, collaborative robots make the best choice – by working hand in hand, humans and robots can add real value to your processes.

The CR35iA stops gently after a collision with a fixed object or person and retracts. A safety system ensures that the robot stops at a maximum of 150N. This force threshold can even be reduced if required. The push back function also means that operators can simply push back the robot’s two major axis to free themselves should the robot pose a risk.

No Need for Fences

The CR35iA is equipped with FANUC collision stop protection. For maximum reliability, this uses proven sensor technology. It also has a function to restart itself easily and quickly after a stop. In addition to contact stop, the CR35 comes with push back and anti-trap features for additional protection.

To prevent the risk of pinching, the larger CR-35iA model comes wrapped in a passive soft cover. The cover also reduces contact pressure and, in the event of an impact, provides cushioning.

The cobot meets ISO 10218 and ISO 13849 Cat. 3 Pld. It can also achieve ISO/TS 15066. To further increase productivity, additional third-party safety devices can be fitted.

Can recognise Objects

Depending on what you want to do, the CR35iA can be equipped with a variety of sensors. Opening up a wealth of possibilities, the 3D Area Sensors even enable the robot to pick randomly distributed parts from a bin. Force Sensors detect force and torque applied to the end effector allowing the robot to carry out collaborative assembly, fitting and weighing operations for example. Using Vision Sensors, the CR35 is capable of locating workpieces, reading bar codes and sorting by colour.

Easy to Guide

For easy programming and handling, FANUC Hand Guidance allows you to teach your collaborative robot by leading it through paths and/or use it to lift heavy objects manually. This is made possible by an emergency stop button and a three-position enabling switch that meets ISO 10218 and ISO/TS 15066.

Active8 Robots are very familiar with the FANUC CR Series. Contact us now to see if they could help improve productivity in your manufacturing line.