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This is Becoming Imperative For Even The Smallest Production Or Packaging Business

5 Reasons Small Business Needs This Technology

Think your business is too small for robots?  Far from it, in fact, its now becoming urgent that businesses big or small try to automate their processes. UK companies have always found competing with China difficult with their low labour costs but beware China is becoming even more productive by using Collaborative Robots and the UK should be too.

The latest figures from the International Federation of Robotics show that China is increasing its expenditure on production robots year on year. They now fit a third of the worlds new Robots in their factories, supporting capital outlay with cash payments. That’s over twice the number of the next highest the USA, who in turn fit almost twice the annual number being installed in factories in the whole of Europe.

The fact is that much has changed in this field in just the few years here are the top 5

Headline reasons why you should probably be using Collaborative Robots NOW for your assembly and packing tasks.

  1. Safety -Modern Collaborative Robots are safe to operate with and around factory workers they use AI and sensory technology to keep your workforce safe without the need for large areas of workshop space with caging and safety screens.
  2. Cost -Some of the best, most up to date Collaborative Robots come in under £30,000 most estimating an ROI of 6 to 8 months.
  3. More flexible than ever -You could get a super flexible Collaborative Robot for your business, which your team or ours can teach in minutes, without any expertise to carry out a task in your workshop and when its done, you can wheel it elsewhere to do another task.
  4. Reduce Downtime – These robots can plod on maintenance free 24 hours a day for years and years on end.
  5. Reduce Mistakes – Even your most loyal and diligent factory worker can make a mistake when carrying out repetitive and brain numbing tasks. Robots perform every task to the same standard.

If UK SMEs are to be able to remain competitive on a global or even a local market, now is the time to for this small, inexpensive, reliable and flexible workforce to be put to work.  Why not take a look at Active8 Robots’ Sawyer Robot as a possible solution for you?



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