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Automation Will Change Our Lives For The Better.

Barclays’ Future-Proofing UK Manufacturing report states that “65% of British Manufacturers say their productivity has increased as a result of automation” and “54% say automation allows more time for staff to complete other tasks”. This shows that the use of robots in the work place doesn’t replace the human workforce, but instead frees them up to complete more meaningful tasks. On top of this the report states that the “successful implementation of automation works to create more jobs with higher salaries”.

Instead of being overly concerned that robots are “taking their jobs”, workers should be excited about the new training opportunities that may become available to them. Many employers will offer job training to give valuable workers new skill sets. In many cases even, automated processes and humans can co-exist. Robots are especially good at repetitive actions; they won’t get tired or make mistakes. They are also better at doing two separate actions at once. But all of this should be embraced. Whilst the robots are doing the boring work, workers are freed up to do more fulfilling and engaging tasks. Furthermore, with the extra training that may become available, workers will have more opportunities for higher earnings.

“Those manufacturing businesses that are investing in automation report that they are seeing clear benefits”.

Respected voices in the technology industry have also declared that automation will “improve our lives”. Dyson founder Sir James Dyson is one of these people, who believes that automation will boost employment opportunities for skilled engineers. He says that “instead of replacing worker’s jobs, it will boost employment as skilled engineers and IT experts are needed to develop this new technology”.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is essential for companies to stay ahead of the competition, and keep employees excited about their job roles, making it critical to the future success of the business. In this way companies should be able to free employees from the boring and repetitive manual tasks that reduce productivity and allow them to make forward-thinking decisions that will ultimately benefit the bottom line.

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