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Introducing the new AR10 Humanoid Robot Hand

The AR10 Robot Hand features 10 degrees of freedom (DOF) that are servo actuated within the hand’s envelope, advanced user interface and extendable design.

The AR10 Robot Hand provides a complete solution for academia and can be used across a variety of systems and interfaces to provide researchers and educators alike with a versatile, low cost platform. The AR10 hand can be used as a stand-alone platform or at the end of a robot arm such as Rethink Robotics’ Sawyer or Baxter research robot.

Human Like Design

Creating an innovative, low cost hand platform with a humanoid design for hand grasping research has been our goal all along. Fitting advanced capabilities within the same envelope of a human hand, the AR10 brings a whole range of practical benefits when being used for real life research and simulation.

Fully customisable and Expandable

The AR10 Hand’s fingertips have been designed in such a way that they can be easily interchanged, enabling you to customise your hand to suit a wide variety of applications. With an additional four analogue inputs available, adding 3rd party hardware such as tactile sensors is possible either through retrofitting or by printing your own fingertips using open source 3D printing files.

Advanced Interfacing and Connectivity

The AR10 Robot Hand’s advanced connectivity ensures it works the way you work. Whether that’s on Windows, Linux, or Arduino the AR10 Hand gives you the flexibility to work with your platform of choice. USB or Serial interface ensures a reliable connection to your workstation. Simple movements and sequences can be easily programmed using the provided graphical user interface; whether that’s the Pololu Maestro Control Center or using Rviz. A python class is also included with code examples enabling yet another way to extensively control the AR10 hand. The Hand is fully ROS compliant, with a URDF file provided making the AR10 compatible with rviz and MoveIt!. These powerful visualisation tools enable complex task and motion planning.

Power, Precision & Reliability

The materials used to manufacture the AR10 Hand have been carefully chosen. Anodised aluminium makes up the core of the hand, ensuring a durable and robust, yet lightweight construction. Plastic linkages and circuit board carriers ensure lightness yet durability. Firgelli linear actuators have been specifically modified to provide unparalleled reliability and grip strength. The result of such attention to detail is a product that is sleek and refined and really makes the AR10 Hand stand out from the crowd.

Technical Specifications

  • Actuation: 10 Degrees of freedom actuated by Firgelli linear actuators
  • Software: GUI (Pololu Maestro Control Centre), Python, Fully ROS Compatible (including Rviz & MoveIt!)
  • Connectivity: USB or Serial, 4 extra analogue inputs for expansion
  • Construction: Anodised Aluminium core, plastic linkages and circuit board carriers

Link to the ROS wiki:

Link to the AR10 Software download


£3,000 (€3,800) excl VAT

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