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Active8 Robots Boss comments on automation investment during Brexit

Antony Lovedale, Managing Director at Active8 Robots has been in the press this week, he asserts than now is a vital time for investing in Automation.

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Automation of your production processes is one of the best ways to to improve productivity.  Active8 Robots helps make businesses more profitable with automation solutions for your dirty, dangerous and dull tasks.

With solutions offering a fast return on investment, often in just a few months not years, Active8 Robots is helping revolutionise British industry at a time when the UK is falling behind the world in the productivity race.

If you would like to talk to one of our automation specialists please get in touch urgently:- Contact Us

Collaborative robots owners in industry say:-

“…we were having a very difficult time to get people to work, especially on the off shifts on the injection moulding floor….there was some nervousness because it was new but now they’re very accepting…enjoy interacting with him, he [Sawyer Robot] shows up every day to work, he doesn’t complain and he does his job every single day….Our customers are trusting us to be able to support their business, so we have to find a way to meet their needs. We’ve been able to achieve that through innovation, technology and Robotics. “ 

General Manager, Tennplas Injection Moldings

What is different about the way Antony helps business, is by using a new generation of Collaborative Robots.  These are a type of robot designed to work collaboratively in their environment.  They are small, inexpensive and able to work alongside people without huge cages. This means that smaller parts of a production line can be easily automated, allowing businesses large and small to use their staff for more important tasks and the robots just graft away at the dull bits.   Automation is therefore, now in reach of small and medium business. Find out more about costs of a Collaborative robots call us.

Offering a complete service, from site surveys to installation, tool supply, design & manufacture, along with all of the training and support, Active8 Robots is the only company to offer a full package end to end for its customers.

Active8 robots has worked with many businesses small and large, most often in production, co-packing and the higher education sectors having robots in dozens of universities and research establishments nationwide. 

Find out more about automation work carried out by Active8 Robots here.