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5 reasons Collaborative Robots for the Pharmaceutical Industry are taking off

Collaborative Robots for the

Pharmaceutical Industry are taking off, here’s 5 reasons why.

The UK has a large and important pharmaceutical industry but it’s work has to be competitive on a world stage. For facilities to remain relevant and address the productivity shortfalls faced by British companies, technological advances like the latest Collaborative Robots for the pharmaceutical industry are a vital innovation.  This means that, for production and research labs alike, Collaborative Robots (Cobots) are becoming commonplace and are now becoming the norm working alongside humans.

Here’s the top five reasons the UK Pharmaceutical Industry is embracing this technology.

  1. Labour costs continue to rise in the UK, most sectors have not addressed the issue.  Most Cobots come in at a fraction of the cost of a salary, typically offering a return of investment of 6-8 months.  Meanwhile in China, the costs of labour is a fraction of ours but they have recognised that collaborative robots are so important to productivity that they encouraging businesses to install them with cash subsidies (more on this subject here).
  2. Collaborative Robots can attend to tasks 24 hours a day, bringing down the cost and time to bring drugs to market.  See our main Pharmaceutical Industry page here.
  3. Safety. These robots are designed to work alongside people.  They use sensor technology to to operate safely in a similar footprint with their human colleagues.
  4. Flexibility. Even the smallest of labs can use a robot for a multitude of tasks, easily programmed and reprogrammed without expertise.  When they’re done with the robot, it can be wheeled to another lab.
  5. Governance is easy with Robots. They can record details automatically, their actions are fully verifiable, human error is being eliminated from processes and tracking is simple.

That’s the basic reasons that these robots for the pharmaceutical industry are becoming ubiquitous in any pharmaceutical team, find out more information and facts about robotics in this industry on our Pharmaceutical Industry page here.

Collaborative Robots for the Pharmaceutical Industry